Surf - Fougères

Through its subsidiary Veolia Transport Fougères, the compagnie des Transports d'Ille-et-Vilaine (TIV) operates urban services in the Fougères area (Service Urbain de la RégionFougeraise - SURF), on behalf of the SyndicatIntercommunal à Vocation Unique (SIVU) of Fougeres - Lécousse-Javené.

To improve the urban network and to adapt services to the needs of the population; such are the objectives set by the SIVU to Veolia Transport Fougères.


Key facts :

Services in line with the population, for a more efficient network (5 bus routes, new fare system, …),

A clearer and more convenient network with services every:

  • Half-hour during peak
  • Hour  off-peak

A dynamic visual identity for a more attractive network

A central hub, place Carnot, which provides better connections with other routes and with the ILLENOO network.

To carry out this mission, Veolia Transport Fougères operates a service controlling center in La Selle-en-Luitré - ZI Aumaillerie - and a sales office "La Boutique SURF " in the Fougères coach station, Rue des Frères Deveria.

TIV is a subsidiary of Veolia Transport, the leading European private operator of public passenger transport.

SURF in figures :

  • 400,000. Individual trips everyyear
  • 10 Buses
  • Over 100 stops in the Fougères-Lécousse-Javené area
  • 350,000km travelled every year


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